lana likes no banana
Cannabis can further your career, I guess, help you find your inner dolphin. - SP
lana likes no banana
Wanna get drunk with Sarah Paulson

Lived in the Murder House with Billie Dean  Escaped the Asylum with Lana
Protected the Coven for Delia
Warte drauf die Freakshow mit Bette & Dot zu betreten ∆


Self-harm Awareness


Schlimm diese lehrer , die versuchen witzig zu sein:b

gott ja fremdschämen pur

okay well why not :) Name: Lilly Age: 19 Meaning behind tumblr url: i think that´s kinda obvious Hobbies/Interests: Fangirling over Sarah Paulson and binge watching stupid shows Why you follow me: we have the same interests :D Random fact about yourself: I´m allergic to Pumpkins? Question for me: which is your favorite Tonight Alive song?


lilly I love this question it’s breaking & entering because I sang it in the talent show and the song has helped me get over my stage fright

ahh I love this one too tho my favorite is Hell and Back for similar reasons :)

Egal wie dicht du bist ,Goethe war dichter :P

Unser Deutschlehrer hat das jedes mal unter unsere Klausur geschrieben und es war nie lustig :P

So Sarah Paulson only loves us when she´s drunk?

Egal wie gut du fährst, ein Zug fährt Güter.

Da hab ich aber Glück gehabt


Sarah Paulson: guys, I'm not gonna tell you I love you, cause that's just not the truth.
Fan: ...
Fan: ...
Fan: what about this video where you clearly say you love every single one of us?
Sarah Paulson: I was obviously drunk.


Congrats AHS fans, you managed to survive the hiatus


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